What to look out for in a Custom Paint By Numbers Kit

by Number Paintings on December 29, 2020

Like anything DIY there's normally a few steps to understand, or a few things to watch out for. Custom Paint By Number kits are no different. This article will take you through the steps, and information you need to know before ordering your first custom paint by numbers kit. 

Select the correct size

Firstly, and in my opinion one of the most important, the canvas size is one of the most steps to get right when ordering a custom paint by numbers kit. Why? Well, if you are selecting an image that is say a rectangle, but you choose a canvas size that is square (e.g. has equal dimensions, 30x30cm) then the aspect ratio will need to be transformed to fit the canvas size. 

It doesn't have to be perfect, but we always encourage our customers to think about the aspect ratio of the image when choosing their canvas. 


DPI Matters

DPI, wah? Isn't that a term you read about in TV's, well - yes, it is. However, DPI also applies to Paint By Numbers a well. It might sound technical or difficult to understand, but DPI means "dots per inch", so within an image there are a certain amount of dots per inch for any given photo. 

DPI is extremely important, and at the end of the day the quality of the canvas is somewhat limited to the image that you put in.

If the image that has been sent to us is low quality or too small, the image does not display well and will look pixelated or blury to the human eye. 

So, how can you tell if your image has a good DPI? The basic test is if you can zoom in your photo to fill the screen of your monitor and it is not blury then you have a good enough DPI to create a custom paint by numbers kit. 


Focal Points

In most images (if not every), there is a focal point to be displayed. Whether it be a singular person, or a family there is generally something that the image focuses on that needs to be clearly represented in any Paint By Numbers Kit, even more so for a custom kit. 

When selecting an image, try to ensure that the focal point is central to the image itself, making for a nice clean and easy process for the canvas to be printed ready for the custom paint by numbers kit to be painted. 

Try to make sure that the focal point is 70%+ of the image, rather than just being a small portion of the image, this will really help to give you the best opportunity to have an outstanding finish. 



In conclusion, Custom Paint by Number kits are fun and can really bring meaning to your paintings. However, you do need to be somewhat mindful of these few points listed in this article before sending an image to any supplier!

Thank you for reading, and happy holidays. 



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