The health benefits of painting

by Number Paintings on December 15, 2020

Some may not know, but painting is a form of stress release, commonly activities such as regular exercise and healthy eating are known and documented ways to age well, and have healthy / happy mind. 

But, little did we know - until recently that having a creative outlet, just like painting keeps your focused and helps to improve personal satisfaction and overall mental health. 

So, why and how can painting help your mental health?


  1. Stress less; it's simple, activities such as painting help to reduce stress and anxiety. Fun activities such as Paint by Numbers, help our fellow Australians and people across the world to reduce stress and feel less anxious.

  2. Stay focused; Paint by Numbers helps people to stay focused and on task, removing all the worries in the world from their mind and focusing just on this one task. 

  3. Expand your creative growth; Not everyone is artistic, and that's where Paint By Numbers kits comes into play. That said, painting in general can help expand your creative growth and think outside of the box. 

  4. Improve your patience; Such a simple thing, but a great improvement in your wellbeing when painting is helping you to become more patient. 
    Paint By Numbers helps you to become more patient, and its simple too - you just can't rush art. 

Beyond just the few topics of why painting can be so beneficial, its also a great prevention, based on a recent 2017 report from the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging indicated that people over 70 who completed arts and crafts had a lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment than did those who read books. 


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