Simple Methods for making your Paint by Numbers look better

by Number Paintings on January 06, 2021

Here are Number Paintings we frequently get asked “how can I make my paint by numbers look better and more polished?” We aren't all gifted with a talent at birth, but you can surely refine it and fine-tune it with practice and truly earn it. Paint by numbers kits are a great starting point for individuals who are new to art and who want to develop the skill of painting. Paint by numbers flowers are a great way to commence your journey with. These kits have an assortment of colours to practice with. This exercise will make you comfortable with colours, blending and transition.

Critics argue that this form of painting is easy and requires no imagination that fuels the mind and elevate the soul. Where you just have to fill numbered shapes with corresponding colours may seem simple. It's quite a therapeutic activity that helps your de-stress and unwind in a stimulating, productive and stimulating way. 

Grab one of our Paint by Numbers kits and see for yourself how this hobby can improve your skills and elevate your confidence as a painter.

As with everything, you need to give it a couple goes to get a hang of it and advance your learning with each try. Naturally you will figure out somethings on your own that will improve the look of your painting. Below we will outline some tips that will ensure the end result is marvellous 

The place you paint should be well lit and comfortable 

A well-lit room that has proper lighting is an absolute must of paint by numbers.
If you have a poorly lit space, it would be a good idea to invest in a magnifying head lamp. Avoid laying your canvas on the floor, hunching over for too long can be tiring, in addition to causing you pain for your neck and back. Be sure to place the canvas where you're relaxed. We find investing in an easel is a great choice.

Double check for the correct colour  

I know you're probably rolling your eyes and it does seem rather obvious, but it happens to the best of us and it can really mess up the look of the print. As you unwind and get invested in the painting, you can get into calm reverie, so make sure to double check the numbers and matching colours.


Second Coat   

Think of the first coat as a base coat. In order to get that refined look, recoat the colour after the first one is dried to ensure a rich, smooth and non-streaky painting. If you begin to see the number peeking through your coat use a white marker to cover up and re-apply a coat of paint. Having a number shine through can really ruin the final result.

Soft transitions  

If you have a painting that has many gradients of colours, try to blend the edges into one another to give them a natural transition. You can do this by going back and forward with the brush over the edges. Sometimes adding a bit of water to get the right consistency of the paint can give you an advantage.

Keep these little tricks in the back of your mind to ensure the effort you put into the painting pays off.

Happy Painting!

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