Life Lessons Learned From Doing Paint by Numbers

by Number Paintings on January 22, 2021

Many paint by numbers Australia locals have stated that the art form helped them through difficult times. Painting is a hobby that helps people with high functioning anxiety. It’s an easy art form that anyone can do so it’s perfect for those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

But what other ways can paint by numbers help people? You may not realise it but painting can teach you many valuable life lessons. Painting isn’t simply a way to create pictures. It’s also a form of therapy.

If you haven’t tried doing a paint by numbers kit before we has many kits for you to pick from. You may find that after painting your picture you’ll have learnt the life lessons mentioned below. Keep reading to find out more.

Painting a Numbered Canvas Teaches You Patience

Art is not quick. It takes a lot of time to finish a painting even if it’s an easy paint by numbers canvas you’re working on. Slowly painting in your numbers gives you a valuable skill which is to be patient.

You may find that after painting you’re able to handle your morning traffic to work or the long queues at the grocery store without getting frustrated. Painting teaches you that there is no need to rush.

If you rush with your painting it may not come out looking as good as what you’d hoped. The same can be applied to every aspect of your life. If you rush with tasks at work you won’t produce quality results. Or if you rush conversations with friends, colleagues or family you may miss important information.

Paint by numbers is a way to help you focus all your energy on the task at hand without worrying about what’s happening around you. This will greatly improve your patience and you’ll feel less stressed as a result.    

Learning From Your Mistakes  

No artist is perfect and even professional painters make mistakes on their canvas. But making mistakes on your paint by numbers simply teaches you not to make the same mistakes over again.

You’re able to develop your painting techniques and create a system so that you don’t paint the wrong numbered sections on the canvas. Learning from your mistakes is another valuable life lesson that will help you in the long run. Mistakes are important because without them you won’t grow.

So remember to practice patience when you make a mistake so that you don’t get frustrated or stressed. 

Problem Solving is a Key Skill that You’ll Develop

We’ve established that making mistakes on your paint by numbers is natural. But how do you fix these mistakes? You’ll find that paint by numbers also teaches you key problem-solving skills.

For example, if you paint a section with the wrong colour, you can simply wait for the paint to dry and paint over it with white. If you can’t remember what number the section was you can refer to the paper printout of your canvas. This printout will show you exactly what the number is so you can paint it with the correct colour. 

Use the same problem-solving thought process with other tasks you do during the day. You’ll be able to solve many issues with work, school and other hobbies you do because you’ve practiced your problem-solving skills during painting.

Paint by Numbers Improves Your Confidence

Many people don’t have the confidence to create art because they may not have studied how to paint. But paint by numbers Australia companies create this art form so you don’t have to suffer from art anxiety.

With a paint by numbers canvas, you can practice your painting skills so you can have the confidence to create your own original art piece.

Your confidence can also filter out into other aspects of your life. Everyone suffers from self-doubt whether they’re doing a sport, tasks at work or writing a book. The key is to build up your confidence with practice. That’s essentially what paint by numbers helps you with. It provides adequate practice with the following:

  • Brushstrokes
  • Attention to detail
  • Painting within the lines
  • Shading
  • Blending
  • Adding highlights

Sportsmen will build up their confidence by practicing their sport every day. An author will build up their confidence by writing every day. So use your paint by numbers as a means to practice your technique so you can paint freehand. 

Final Thoughts

Paint by numbers Australia artists love this art form because it gives them the freedom to go with the flow with their paintings. There’s no need to over think what you’re doing with paint by numbers because it’s an easy art form. 

Not only is it easier for beginner painters to learn techniques but it also teaches you valuable life lessons. So consider doing paint by numbers to build up your confidence, patience and problem-solving skills.

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