How Paint by Numbers are Made

by Number Paintings on January 15, 2021

Paint by numbers is a fantastic hobby that many people love. It’s an easy form of art suitable for adults, children and anyone who loves painting. There are also many benefits that paint by numbers can provide such as keeping you calm when you feel stressed.

But have you ever wondered how paint by numbers kits are made? You can find the answer to that question in today’s article. We’ll be discussing the history of paint by numbers and how it was discovered many years ago.

What’s more, we’ll give you tips on how you can transform your own personalised images into paint by numbers. Keep reading to find out more.

How Was the First Paint By Numbers Made?

The first paint by numbers technique was established as early as 1923. Dan Robbins was the brilliant mind behind the paint by numbers kits. He worked for Palmer Show Card Paint Company when they came to him with the concept.

Palmer Show Card Paint Company sold children’s paint sets but asked Dan to market their paints to adults. 

Robbins was inspired by Leonardo Di Vinci who used a similar technique when he taught his students how to paint. He remembered that Di Vinci utilised numbered background patterns for his paintings. And so Dan decided to use the same concept. 

To create each kit Dan first painted an original art piece. Then he placed a see-through plastic sheet on top and outlined its form and shapes. Dan then assigned each shape and form with a number and a corresponding paint colour. And thus the very first paint by numbers was created.

After several iterations of the paint by numbers the company introduced Craft Master in 1951 which sold over 12 million kits. The paint by numbers kits all contained a canvas with printed numbers, corresponding paint pots, brushes and palettes which cost about $2.50 at the time.

You could get a painting of ballerina, bullfighter or kitten. But the most popular paint by numbers was the last supper. Sales took off and by 1955 most amateur painters had a kit. Some kits had 20 colours and more advanced kits had over 30 colors.  

How Modern Paint by Numbers are Made?

Today, paint by numbers are in high demand so production needs to be quicker. So how are millions of paint by numbers kits produced? Well, first an image is loaded onto a computer or drawn onto a digital pad.

The original artwork is printed on the packaging and the outlined image with the numbers is printed onto a canvas. Paint colours are mixed to match the original artwork and placed into small pots. Each pot will have a number that corresponds with the numbers on the canvas.

The kit will also get a palette and different sized paint brushes so you can paint small details as well as large sections of your painting.

Tips on How You Can Customise Your Paint by Numbers

There’s a way that you can customise your paint by numbers. If you want to use your own image some companies will print your picture onto a canvas and mix the paint colours for you. This is a great concept if you want more meaningful paintings on your walls such as pictures of your pets or family. 

You can also pick any size canvas you want your image to be printed on. Additionally, you can opt for oil or acrylic paints. Acrylic is a water-based paint that’s suitable for beginner painters. Oil paints are oil-based and you’ll need a solvent to thin the paint so that it spreads easier.

If you purchase smaller paint by numbers canvases you can use them to practice your painting techniques and you’ll be able to keep them all in an art book. You can get as many customised paint by numbers kits as you like and all the paint colours will match perfectly with your image.

Paintbrushes are standard when it comes to paint by numbers kits but feel free to use your own if they work better for you when you’re painting.

Final Thoughts

Paint by numbers was a favourite pastime in the 1950s but the popularity of it slowly diminished when other companies started mass-producing the product. However, recently paint by numbers has slowly gained momentum again and now there are even more image options for you to pick from.

You don’t have to settle on a landscape, animal or ballerina anymore. There are stunning abstract paintings that you’ll love that use striking colours to bring out the image. The quality of the paint by numbers kits has also improved greatly over the years. 

With paint by numbers, anyone can be an artist. So if you’re looking for a new hobby, then get a custom kit made so you can bring out your inner Bob Ross.

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