5 Tips every Paint By Numbers Artist should know

by Number Paintings on August 27, 2020

After years of using Paint by Numbers kits, we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our learnings to our wonderful customers and community. Here are our top 5 tips every Paint By Numbers Australia artist should know. 

Tip #1 - Invest in an easel


Seriously, you wont know how you painted on a flat surface looking downwards again. Every true experienced artisan knows that an easel is the best way to go, especially if you intend on working on your painting for hours at a time. 


Tip #2 - Don't smudge...

Well duh... how simple of a tip is that? But seriously, while it sounds simple, you really want to avoid smudges and marks on your painting. So tip, avoid smudging the canvas. 

Tip #3 - Work in descending order

Probably the biggest challenge you'll face creating a paint by numbers kit, is trying to work out, where do you even start on the canvas? 

There are multiple approaches / techniques that you can employ, each with their own set of pros and cons. In my strong opinion the best way is to start in descending order. That means you'll be starting with the largest areas, and then working down to the smaller more detailed areas of your painting. 

Now, we suggest this for a couple of reasons, firstly - it'll get you started and used to the numbers system, and well secondly, you'll see more of the painting progress as you progress, and give you a real good understanding of the canvas. 

Tip #4 - How do I reduce the thickness or revive dry paints?

Depending on personal preference, some people do prefer a more watery, less thick paint to work with. As these paints are acrylic and water soluble, you can simply add a drop or water or two which will help thin the paint out a little. 

Tip #5- What to do with your extra paints?

With every Paint By Numbers kit, we provide an extra 20-30% of paint, so you usually have a few containers with enough leftover paint that normally dries up, and goes to waste.

So, what can you do with this leftover paint? Well, there's enough to get dangerous, and we have found that many of our customers like to test and practice their painting skills on a blank canvas (with no numbers or lines). 

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